Taco Bell's new restaurants: In with booze, out with drive-thrus

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Taco Bell ditches drive-thru and adds alcohol
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Taco Bell ditches drive-thru and adds alcohol

Your late night craving for a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme may soon be without the convenience of a drive-thru window.

But at least there's frozen sangria to make up for it.

Food & Wine reports the fast-food restaurant that urges you to "think outside the bun" and consider it for "fourth meal" plans to open between 300 and 350 new locations without a drive-thru lane by 2022.

The move is reportedly part of Taco Bell's plan to make a larger presence in urban areas. The website said big cities including New York are part of Taco Bell's plan.

While the loss of drive-thrus could be devastating to the perennial fast-food diner, Taco Bell promises to serve alcohol at these new locations. Beer, wine, sangria and "Twisted Freezes" are part of the plan.

Taco Bell has already fulfilled the vision of drive-thru-less, alcohol-served restaurants. The Taco Bell Cantina at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip not only serves boozy slushes but also offers wedding packages.

Other boozed-filled Taco Bell locations include those in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.