Teal Pumpkin Project eases minds of food allergy parents

Elias Krobath is six. This year for Halloween, he'll put on his best "bad cop" from The Lego Movie costume and attempt his best tricks for treats.

Elias's mother sits nearby as her son digs through a large plastic pumpkin filled with small trinkets and toys.

"Halloween was actually the scariest holiday for me after he was diagnosed," Kira Kroboth confesses.

Elias has an allergy to tree nuts and peanuts, along with Celiac disease. Even contact with a wrapper that once held a peanut candy can cause a reaction.

The Teal Pumpkin Project, a nationwide initiative by FARE, aims to ease the woes of parents like Kira, who worry on a constant basis about the foods that can trigger a dangerous reaction.

A teal pumpkin at the door of a home or a sign means that the home offers alternatives to candy, like trinkets and small toys.

"It helps us trick-or-treat with our boy," Kroboth said.
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