NC lawmakers to discuss bill that would look at reducing student testing in the state

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Thursday, June 14, 2018
State lawmakers to discuss bill to reduce student testing
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House Bill 986 will be discussed Thursday.

At the legislative building in Raleigh Thursday, lawmakers will look at changes to a bill, including possibly reducing testing in the state.

House Bill 986 is on the calendar. It's titled -- Various Changes to Education Laws.

It addresses a complaint we've heard from teachers and parents about too much testing.

The bill calls for allowing the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to study and make recommendations on ways to reduce testing. It would apply to testing not required by state and federal law for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

It would also require the state Board of Education and Department of Public Instruction to give lawmakers an update on the compliance of teaching cursive writing and memorizing multiplication tables.

Additionally, it would require students who score a level 5 on end-of-course math tests to be enrolled in advanced courses. That applies to students in Grade 3 and higher.

If passed, the bill would become law immediately.