Thanksgiving leftovers: Creative recipes to turn them into whole new dishes

ByLori Corbin KABC logo
Friday, November 29, 2019
Creative ways to re-purpose Thanksgiving leftovers
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Thanksgiving leftovers can be re-purposed into turkey pot pie and yogurt parfait.

LOS ANGELES -- Leftovers don't have to just sit in the fridge, looking pretty much the same as they did Thanksgiving night.

We talked to a food blogger and photographer who has mastered the art of re-purposing leftovers.

Kylie Mazon-Chambers shows how you can take all your remaining Thanksgiving dinner ingredients and, with one quick trip to the grocery store, turn them into whole new dishes.

"My favorite thing is to do turkey pot pies. You get to add all the leftover bits from your turkey dinner into these nice little crumbly buttery pot pies. They're mini so they're bite-size," said Mazon-Chambers.

Ingredients like brussel sprouts, green beans, onions, turkey, celery and more can be chopped up and mixed in to make the pot pie.

Mazon-Chambers cuts up squares of pre-made pie dough in muffin tins. She then adds the turkey mixture inside and tops it off with another layer of pie dough before baking.

You can also use leftover stuffing if you're out of pie dough, she suggests. If you have leftover gravy, pour it on top as a garnish.

Mazon-Chambers also has a recommendation for what to do with your leftover dessert, especially pie ingredients and remaining slices: make a parfait.

You can use Greek yogurt for your bottom layer, add chopped-up leftover pie to the middle, follow it with another layer of yogurt and then top it off with leftover pecans.

If you don't have any Greek yogurt handy, pudding or whipped cream works just fine.

Happy leftovers!