More than 1.4 million North Carolinians expected to travel for Thanksgiving this year amid pandemic, AAA says

Around this time, families are gassing up their cars and getting ready to hit the road. That may still happen this year, just not like what we're used to seeing.

"I think we're going to see most people deciding just a few days out on what they're going to do," said Tiffany Wright of AAA.

AAA expects to see just over 1.46 million North Carolinians traveling next week for Thanksgiving with around 1.42 million of them traveling by car.

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"Consumers feel like 'I can control what happens in my vehicle. I can control where I stop.' When you get on a plane...hey you're on a plane," Wright said.

With one in four North Carolinians planning to travel for the holidays, AAA said there's a whole new layer of preparation this year. You should travel with an emergency kit and do your research.


"If you're traveling through different states, know the state mandates. Know when you're traveling which ones require a mask. You don't want to get to a gas station, hop out of the car and realize this is a state with a mask mandate," Wright said.

As always, the decision to travel is a personal one. But if you do decide to hit the road or take to the sky, don't let your guard down.

"Plan as far ahead as you can, as best as you can. And just be smart," Wright said.

Another quick safety tip, AAA is urging people to not travel with their mask on their rearview mirror. They said it can be a distraction and get in your line of sight which can be very dangerous.
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