Warning: Drug-laced candy could end up in your child's Halloween treats

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- We are probably all familiar with the age-old warning about apples with razor blades in them or the popcorn ball made with poison.

But this year, there's a more insidious warning about Halloween treats - drug-laced candy packaged to mimic popular brands.

North Carolina's Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) agency is warning parents about CBD or cannabidiol candy.

The products are sold in smoke shops and are legal as long as they don't contain THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

"We have tested products that are out there on the market that says they're only CBD no THC in them that have in fact tested positive for THC," said ALE Agent Israel Morrow.

So, ALE is warning parents to check Halloween candy closely this year because even what appears at a glance to be regular candy, may not be.

"I do remember in years past having candy that was unwrapped and we would just go through it and throw it away," said Raleigh mom Jennifer Lawrence who has two trick-or-treat aged children. "But to have something that looks legitimate is scary."

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Her neighbor Kira Kroboth said she's also concerned.

"It's pretty alarming that they're putting out that big of a warning about it," Kroboth said.

Morrow is also the parent of trick-or-treaters.

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"My concern is, as a father as well as a law enforcement officer, that a 4-year-old getting hold of this type of candy, or anyone, not knowing what the effects of it could be on them," Morrow said.

He would be glad to know that neighbors Lawrence and Kroboth already keep a close eye on their kids' Halloween candy.

"We go through our candy when we get home," Kroboth said adding, "So, we dump it all out. We have food allergies as well. Everything gets dumped out and inspected to great lengths before anyone puts anything in their mouth."

Lawrence echoed that saying, "We do not eat candy until we come home and look at it. And they just kind of know that's what we do."

Morrow said those who have the slightest doubt about any candy should just throw it away.
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