Thief steals from mom midday at popular Cary shopping center

CARY (WTVD) -- A Cary woman is sending out a warning to other moms after her wallet was stolen at Target.

Andrea Johnson said she briefly stepped away from her purse for a few minutes and someone snatched her wallet containing all of her personal information and several credit cards.

Johnson said the thief went on an instant shopping spree.

"I immediately started canceling credit cards, but I had several cards to canceled and by the time I got to all of them, they spent probably about $700-$800 dollars on my cards," said Johnson.

The incident happened Sunday afternoon at the store near Highway 55 in West Cary.

"I just got distracted for a few minutes and that's all it took," said Johnson.

Cary police told ABC11 investigators have identified the suspect and working to charge him.

Authorities were able to find Johnson's wallet.

She said some of her credit cards were there, others weren't.

"My kids were with me and they were upset, and I've never had anything like that happen to me before so it was a little jolting," said Johnson. "I've always put my purse in my cart. It's just more convenient that way and I won't make that mistake again."
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