How to protect your hair from summer sun and water

HOUSTON -- Most of the fun summertime activities that make summer so great are the same ones that can really create problems with your hair.

Sun, Chlorine, Salt Water and even extra air conditioning can cause your shiny winter hair to look dry, damaged, brassy and frizzy.

With a few little changes and a summertime strategy, you can enjoy your favorite activities and your hair will look better than ever.

Items that you'll need:

Coconut Oil
Hair Mask
Spritz Bottle (conditioner/water)
Wet Brush
Wide Tooth Comb
Swimmer's Shampoo (for natural blondes)
KMS Anti-Humidity Spray

1. Non Color Treated Hair-Prevent and Condition...Before jumping into the pool or ocean, protect your hair. If you don't have hair color or highlights, the simplest way to do this is to wet your hair. Even just plain tap water will help minimize damage from minerals and chlorine

2. Color Treated Hair- Not only can the minerals and chlorine in pools or ocean water damage and dry the hair, they can actually alter your hair color. Prevent damage, condition and protect your hair color at the same time by spritzing your favorite leave in conditioner throughout your hair

3. Daytime Deep Treatment...It's great to treat your hair to an extra nourishing Hair Mask after a day of fun in the sun. But you can also treat it WHILE you're having fun in the sun. Apply a hair mask mid length through ends. Secure the hair in a loose braid, put on a sun hat and you're ready for the beach. You can also substitute store bought mask with Coconut Oil. Either way you will love how your hair feels once you rinse it out and shampoo.

4. Detangle...Whether you have color treated hair or not, be sure to have the tools you will need to Detangle your hair. The very best way to do this is with a Wet Brush. Spritz on a good lightweight conditioning spray and start detangling from the bottom.

5. Protect your hair every day, even when you are not enjoying outdoor activities. Look for products that are not only Color Safe but also UV safe as well. This is the closest hair products get to providing sunscreen for the hair.

6. Fight Frizz. Extra humidity during the summer months can lead to extra frizz. If you protect the hair from the sun, pool water and salt water, you will be retaining moisture instead of depleting it. Hair that is well hydrated and conditioned is less likely to be frizzy. For extra insurance, keep a bottle of KMS's Anti-Humidity Spray handy.
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