Tom Llamas answers 11 holiday questions ahead of the ABC11/ Raleigh Christmas Parade presented by Shop Local Raleigh

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ABC News anchor Tom Llamas will be at the ABC11/ Raleigh Christmas Parade presented by Shop Local Raleigh alongside your favorite ABC11 anchors and reporters.

To get Tom in the spirit for the season, we asked him 11 questions about the holidays.

1) Favorite holiday song?

Sleigh ride-the Ronette's

2) Favorite holiday dish?

Lechon Asado (roast pork-Cuban style)

3) Favorite holiday dessert?

Mom's Christmas brownies

4) Best gift you've ever gotten?

A watch from my wife

5) Worst gift?

Actually I have a story about the worst gift ever. I had a relative who gave me a utility knife which was sort of a random gift, but now with the expansion of Amazon and more and more of our purchases being delivered (especially in NYC where our groceries come in boxes) I use that tool everyday. Sometimes the worst gift on Christmas Day can change your life forever (I think I read that in fortune cookie).

6) Do you own an ugly holiday sweater?

Yes. I wear it to an annual dinner with friends and to as many holiday parties that I can.

7) Gift wrapping - good at it or bad at it?

Bad. Real bad. Looks great at first then you notice all the scotch tape.

8) Do you prefer snow or sun during your holidays?

I grew up in Miami so shorts on Christmas is perfect.

9) It's the season of giving. Do you have a favorite charity?

Every year my family sponsors another family during Christmas. It's the best part of the holidays for us.

10) Favorite holiday movie

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Clark!

11) Holiday music - okay to play before Thanksgiving or wait until after?

This is a really important and really personal question. Christmas music and Christmas trees should fill the air the day after Thanksgiving. 12:01am after Thanksgiving is the official start at the Llamas house for the Jackson 5 Christmas album. But to each their own- families get to make their own rules on the holidays!

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