NC company creates custom liquid drink toppers called Top Melts

A North Carolina company has developed a way for you to make custom liquid art for your hot or cold drinks. The drink toppers are called Top Melts - images that melt right onto a drink creating the ultimate signature cocktail.

Ink4KCakes, a Winston-Salem company specializing in edible cake decorations and prints, has been working on the beverage topper concept for years.

"It was a matter of finding the recipe that melts and doesn't break once you pull it off," explained Top Melts General Manager, Van Kolors. "Because they're so thin and fragile, there's a fine line there. The ink is completely edible ink as far as the formula," Kolors added.

Kolors explained the sheets are just sugar and edible ink - so there's really no added taste except for a bit of sweetness.

Turning your drink into a work of art is as easy as uploading an image to Top Melts and choosing the size of topper you want.

Top Melts does not provide any images and customers are responsible for images uploaded.

The company prints up to a dozen of the top melts on sugar- based sheets and ships worldwide.

"Birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, whatever the occasion is, if you want it to look fancy you put that extra step in and do a top melt," Kolors said.

Kolors says Top Melts work in many drinks but seem to melt and float best in drinks with milk or cream and orange juice.

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