Newest phase of Outer Loop forces some Cumberland residents out

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, NC (WTVD) -- A major construction project is forcing people out of their homes in western Cumberland County.

Dozens of residents along Camden Road say the newest phase of the I-95 Connector known as the Outer Loop goes right through their yards while others are having to move altogether.

Those who choose to stay are worried about the noise and traffic as a result of the plans.

The Outer Loop is a project nearly 40 years in the making. The 39-mile stretch will connect Fort Bragg to I-95 and give cross county drivers another option to avoid city traffic.

In December, the Department of Transportation finalized construction plans but those plans are forcing some residents out and making it nearly impossible for others to stay. The NC DOT didn't have exact numbers of the buyouts but did confirm the purchase of several homes and the land grab from others.

"We have to be completely out cleared out before they give us any moving expenses," said Miller.

The state bought her home to make room for the Outer Loop, but the moving process is sending her family on a detour.

"We are moving out west. So where do you go until we're completely moved out? So that is where we are jumping through loops," Miller said.

Miller told ABC11 that she won't receive the buyout check until she's completely moved out.

"I'm going to need all those funds to make the move," Miller said.

Meanwhile, Miller's neighbors wish they had been offered the same deal.

"Let me move, buy me out and let me move," said Luther Porter. "When we first moved out here it was the country. You could count the cars on one hand," Porter explained.

The path of the newest section of the Outer Loop is set to cut through Porter's front, side and back yards.

"I'm going to be on an island," said Porter.

But that island will be far from tranquil.

"Traffic is going to be over 70 miles per hour," said Porter.

Porter has lived in his Camden Road home for more than 20 years. Pretty soon, he'll be counting thousands more cars.

Porter told ABC11 that the DOT was considering vegetative barriers to conceal the noise but he's not sure that will do much good.

The Outer Loop is expected to be completed by 2022.
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