Raleigh traffic official denies 4-way stops doled out unequally

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Raleigh's Office of Transportation Planning is responding to a blog's claim that wealthy neighborhoods in Raleigh get four-way stops while parts of East Raleigh are overlooked for traffic needs.

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"That's unequivocally untrue," said Jed Niffenegger, Raleigh's Traffic Engineer of the NewRaleigh statement on Twitter.

"I have - I don't know what we're up to- but 430,000 customers and I treat them all the same. Anyone of them from any jurisdiction in Raleigh can call in and request an evaluation. We look at them all the same," he said.

Niffenegger said more stop signs are going up all across the City of Oaks than ever before.

In 2017, the city approved a policy change to its Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, lowering the threshold for qualifying intersections.

The NTMP allows residents to request speed-limit reductions, evaluations for traffic calming, and evaluations for multi-way stops.

In 2016, before the policy change, the City received 55 requests for multi-way stops, approving only five percent.

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In 2017, after the policy change, 128 requests came in and the City approved 21 percent.

Niffenegger said once a request is made, a staff member conducts a study of the intersection that can last 30-60 days; they count cars, pull crash history, and do a site visit. If it warrants an all-way stop, they present it to city council for approval.

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