Travel nurses feeling the pinch of COVID-19

PINEHURST, N.C. (WTVD) -- While there's a need for nurses in COVID-19 hot spots such as New York City and Boston, some nurses locally are feeling opposite effects, especially travel nurses.

Jordan Sostilio has been working at First Health Moore Regional in Pinehurst for nearly 10 weeks and was recently told her travel nursing contract will end in two weeks, causing her to be left with no paycheck and a feeling of helplessness.

"It's very frustrating," she said. "I'm supposed to be a front-line worker. I'm supposed to be caring for these patients and really putting my skills and my hands to use. Meanwhile, I'm stuck at home with idle hands and feeling like I'm not doing everything I'm capable of doing."

Sostilio worked on a surgical floor and with most procedures suspended because of COVID-19, there isn't much for those workers to do.

Her contract was supposed to end May 2, but it is ending April 18. Sostilio is only getting paid through April 25.

"Definitely stressful, just because I planned to finish my contract until May 2, so now I'm getting no pay for three weeks that I expected a paycheck for," she said.

Most workers in er nine-bed unit have had to file for unemployment benefits.

"My manager called me saying she hates to do this but because of the census, they have to cut my contract early," Sostilio said.

Sostilio said she hopes to relocate to Boston or New York to help in one of the coronavirus hot spots.
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