Before your next trip, make sure to download these 5 apps

If your summer plans include travel, then you need some new apps to make it easier and cheaper. Here are my top five apps that should improve your travels.

First, check out Roomer travel, an app that lets you buy hotel rooms from people who had to cancel their non-refundable reservations. You can search for deals based on where you're going and when you're going -- and some of the deals are pretty amazing.

Next try Eatwith, an app that lets you find eating experiences in 130 countries. Now you can eat with the locals and find dinner parties, cooking classes and even food tours around the world. You can even search based on your budget and what you want to spend.

Looking for cool events, live music, plays, and the arts when you travel? Try Nearify. It will show you where concerts, sporting events and even festivals are happening around the world. And it will send you a list of events based on your preferences and where you're traveling to.

For getting around quickly, I like the app Rome2Rio. It shows you the quickest way to get from Point A to Point B anywhere you go. Just enter the place you're traveling to and it will show you driving routes, trains, buses and ferry options with travel times and fares. It will also show you things to do at your destination.

Finally, if you want to relax in an airport lounge but don't travel first class or have elite status, try Loungebuddy. It shows you airports around the world where passes start at $25. But it also lets you in those lounges based on your credit card or frequent flyer points.
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