NCDOT believes beavers may be to blame for dip in Cary road

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The dip down on Green Level Church Road in Cary came as a surprise to Amy Vervalin.

"I had just dropped my son off at Panther Creek High School around the corner," she said. "I didn't know it was there and I actually went airborne when I hit the dip. When I came back down was I going to be okay? Was my car going to be okay?"

She and car her were fine, but she said she's been complaining to the NC Department of Transportation since that incident in December.

It also came as a surprise to Vervalin that beavers might be to blame.

Complaints about the road have piled up on the community's Next Door page as well. One woman said her pregnant daughter hit the hole in the dark and blew out her tire.

NCDOT said it believes a beaver dam built between two 72-inch culverts caused the dip. They also said when some of the heavier rains come up, it could have washed some of the materials off the road and thus sunk the asphalt.

The dip is on Green Level Church not far from Evans Farm Road.

"My husband and I drove over it one evening and I literally jumped out of my seat," said Sue Morgan, who lives not far from the problem spot. "My back hurt all night."

DOT officials said it has a statewide contract with the federal agriculture department for a "Beaver Damage Management Agreement." Agricultural crews have to come in and take out the beavers before transportation crews can go take a look at the road.

Once the beavers are gone, they can destroy the dam.

"It's a safety issue," Morgan said. "Of course I want it repaired but I want the lane blocked off so nobody drives over it. This road has been under construction for a while."
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