Wake County potholes open up after severe winter weather

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Countless roadways are littered with potholes after last month's brutal winter weather. One ABC11 Eyewitness sent us a picture of potholes lining his Wake County road.

There are potholes all over Alderman Circle. Drivers that live in the area report that these craters in the road are both annoying and costly.

Car parts have popped off and flown into ditches. Struts have broken and many people have had to visit their mechanics for a car alignment.

"When it hits really hard, it will ruin your car," said Raleigh resident Janice Robbins. "My dirt road looks better than this."

Folks complain it's created dangerous driving conditions.

"It's like a maze. You have to go around each hole," said Raleigh resident Wanda Simmons.

"There's oncoming traffic going back and forth," said Raleigh resident Sharon Star.

"We're running on the side there almost on the ditch trying to keep from hitting the potholes," said Robbins.

Residents say there has been a pothole problem here for years, and it got worse after the recent snow storms.

DOT crews were out Wednesday patching up potholes, but Alderman Circle was not one of them. The agency could not say when a crew would be able to come out and fix the roadway.

The DOT says there is a priority list and they're trying to get to as many spots as possible in Wake County.

This road has been patched up before in the past and the DOT tells ABC11 it is a trouble spot.

"[The patches] don't last. It rains and they wash right back out," said Star.

Residents don't want to see any more repairs. They want the little stretch of roadway repaved and they're hoping for some relief.

"It takes a wear and tear on your car if you do it every day," said Robbins. "I do not know why they will not do half a mile. They can repave 440, but they can't pave half a mile."

The DOT says as far as resurfacing, supervisors evaluate primary and secondary roads every year and pick which ones to work on based on budget.

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