Durham woman endures 5 years of HVAC problems

DURHAM (WTVD) -- When you get a new HVAC system, you want it to work. For Cathy Satterfield, she says she's had nothing but issues. After five years full of them, she called me for help.

Cathy purchased her new HVAC unit in 2010 and thought it would be problem free.

"Whenever you would change over seasons to a different season, the unit would shut down, I would call for service," she said.

Since it was under warranty, she said the company who installed the unit, Weather Master Heating and Air, would send a service tech each time. But the problems continued.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson meets with Cathy Satterfield about her problematic HVAC unit

"I have had so many service calls between 2010 and 2012, the service manager decided to switch my unit from three ton to a two and a half unit," Cathy said.

But the change still didn't solve the problem.

"The problem is in the summer time, once the temperature gets over 85 outside, it will not cool my home, both levels," she said. "In the winter time the unit sometimes just shuts down, it will not heat the home."

Cathy said she tried to be patient but she had enough.

"It was still hot and no one contacted me so I knew I had to contact you," she said.

I got in touch with Weather Master and Cathy got the relief she's been waiting on for years.

"A new three ton system, an upgrade and I would receive a 10 year warranty on the system," Cathy said.

She said the new unit is working great.

"I appreciate everything you've done, I really do, and it didn't take long either," Cathy said.

The best advice: Keep up with your records if you are having issues with any device. Cathy kept records of every service call she made in the past five years.

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