New invite on your calendar could be a phishing scam

First they targeted emails and text messages, now scammers have found a way to target your calendar. Experts say as technology gets better, criminals seem to be getting smarter. Thieves have found a way to take advantage of default settings for online calendars to sneak phishing links onto victim schedules.

If you use Outlook, Google Calendar, or other online programs to keep track of schedules and activities, pay close attention. The Better Business Bureau says people are reporting seeing strange events that they do not remember adding on their calendars.

Many of the entries include a promotion or special discount and offer a link. Scammers are able to get access to calendars because some settings allow events to be added automatically, whether the user accepts the invitation or not. Victims who click the links have given away personal information or allowed malware to be downloaded onto their devices.

Troubleshooter Takeaways:

  • Change your calendar settings. Turn off any options that allow invitations to be automatically added or accepted to make sure you have the option to reject them.
  • Think before you click. Never click links or attachments from unknown people or events.
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