Troubleshooter confronts Fayetteville PWC scammers claiming your account is past due

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Watch out for the call that claims your power is about to be shut off.

Fayetteville PWC is alerting customers that scammers are using this number, 1-800-557-8871 to make fake disconnection calls. The scammers claim your account is past due or have there is other urgent PWC business.

I called the number, and once I gave the scammer, who claimed his name was Thomas Oakland, my phone number, he claimed I owed over $400 on my account and I have not paid my bill for three months.

He told me a disconnection crew was on the way to my home, and if I didn't pay him right away, they would disconnect my power.

He asked me to make a payment by buying a MoneyPak card for the amount I owed. I eventually told him I knew this was a scam.

He told me on a good day, he makes $12,000 from people falling for this scam.

The utility company says any phone payments made with that number are fraudulent. If customers receive a call regarding PWC account or services, they can call to verify.

This scam does not just impact Fayetteville PWC customers; Duke Energy customers have also been targeted.
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