Troubleshooter Diane Wilson investigates Electric Foam 5K

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- These fun 5K's are a big draw for people, as they have different themes, like a color run, glow run, mud run. In this case it was supposed to be an Electric Foam 5K. However, instead of a big party and lots of foam throughout the 5K, there was nothing -- an empty course and no sign of any Electric Foam 5K.

"Everybody was just looking around lost because no signs or booth or anything for us to register," said Amanda Landi.

Runners like Landi were confused. She signed up for the run that was supposed to happen over the weekend at the WakeMed Soccer Park in Cary.

"I wanted to play in the foam and get my t-shirt," Landi said.

She wasn't alone. Lots of runners and walkers came out for the Electric Foam 5K Saturday. Excited they had their race gear on, neon colored socks only to find out their excitement turned to disappointment quite quickly.

What happened? They all signed up for what was billed as three miles of absolute fun. The ad for the Electric Foam 5K bragged that each kilometer participants would run through an electric music foam station, and there would be enough foam to cover them from head to toe. Yet, none of that happened.

"First it was the disappointment there's no race, but then it's like wait what about my money," said participant Amanda Septien.

It cost $35 for the 5K and participants quickly learned the bad news.

"The website said it was canceled due to no resources, no staff," Septien said.

This isn't the first time there's been problems with the Electric Foam 5K. In May, participants in Wisconsin and Ohio complained about the fun runs there. As they said it wasn't anything like advertised, instead more like a bathtub with overflowing bubbles.

In Cary, despite no foam, no dancing and nothing involving the Electric Foam 5K, participants made the best of it.

"We decided to run it and surprisingly everybody else had the same notion," Septien said.

I reached out to the company who organized the race, which is called Street Events LLC, but no one has responded. The good news for some participants; they have been able to get refunds.

Check how you bought the tickets for the 5K and contact that company for a refund, but if that doesn't work, and you paid by credit card, dispute the charge.

There are a lot of these fun runs advertised throughout the Triangle this summer. The best advice, before signing up research past events, read the reviews about what others are saying, check cancellation policies and always pay by credit card so you can dispute the charge.

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