Get a call asking you to confirm a purchase? Don't get scammed

If you get a phone call, text or email asking you to confirm a purchase you need to be on guard.

Scammers are pretending to be with your bank or credit card company in hopes to gain access to your account.

One of the most recent victims was a woman in Charlotte who lost $11,000.

She told WSOC she got a phone call from a 1-800 that appeared to be her bank , USAA.

She said the caller told her there was a suspicious charge on her account and she confirmed it was a fraud.

"They said ok, that's what we suspected. I'm going to go ahead and send you a PIN, and you'll get a text in just a second if you could just confirm that well go ahead cancel the card. I get the PIN from USAA, and I read it back to the person on the phone," she said.

From there she said she was asked to enroll in a security system, which required another pin to be texted to her and then she read that number back to the person on the phone. "Ultimately, the gentleman that I was on the phone with was the actual thief," she added. Once the thief got her information, he drained $11,000 from her account.

USAA said they are familiar with this scam and have made numerous efforts to educate their customers about this scam.

USSA issued this warning about the imposter scam.

The company even said fraudsters are spoofing their 800 number, which means the phone number that shows up for the member appears to be from USAA. "USAA will never call you and ask for your login information, which is your PIN, one-time code, password or social security number," said Mike Slaugh, Executive Director of Enterprise Financial Crime Prevention.
Additionally, USAA has recommended that all members use multifactor authentication for an extra layer of security to protect you against fraudsters and cybercrime.

This scam is not unique to USAA; scammers can impersonate any bank, credit card, even utility companies.

The best advice is to not respond to any calls where they start asking you to confirm personal information and give them access to your PIN.

Instead, hang up and call your bank or credit card company directly.
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