Republican Sen. Tillis tells supporters he opposes impeachment inquiry

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Republican Sen. Thom Tillis discussed the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump while campaigning in downtown Raleigh.

Tillis said he believes the American public is only getting one side of the story, told by House Democrats who are leading the impeachment proceedings and as a result people who do not support the president are reading their own opinions into the process.

"All I hear is what the House wants us to hear," Tillis said. "I don't see a building process that's based on public hearings and full engagement with the White House, with defense counsel and with the Republican members."

Tillis, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will play a key role if Articles of Impeachment are referred to trial in the Senate.

Reporters asked Tillis whether he has formulated an opinion about the testimony provided during Congressional depositions.

"It's very difficult for me to respond to any one piece of information because I feel like I am getting selective editing," Tillis said. "I'm only getting what seems to build the case for somebody who wants to impeach the president. I'm not getting the whole record, so until I get the whole record, it's very difficult for me to form any opinion on it."

Tillis made the comments while campaigning Friday in Raleigh.

He greeted volunteers participating in a Team Tillis-Trump Victory voter contact training session at North Carolina GOP headquarters and also spoke to members of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women at the organization's fall meeting.

Tillis said he will reserve judgment on President Trump until the impeachment inquiry reaches a conclusion.

"I have got to wait and see the body of evidence, and then I have a responsibility -- a constitutional obligation -- to sit as a juror in an impeachment proceeding as the Constitution prescribes."
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