Top 10 strangest things confiscated at TSA checkpoints

The Transportation Security Administration is revealing the top ten most unusual items confiscated at airport security screening checkpoints in 2018.

The agency posted a video on Twitter with photos and humorous captions.

10. Hatchet with skull on the blade

"We understand about being prepared for the zombie apocalypse, but that's what checked baggage is for."

9. Fishing Spear

"Unless you're Aquaman, you don't need this on your flight. And if you're Aquaman, you don't need the flight."

8. Switchblade with four long blades

7. Snakes hidden inside a bag - concealed in a personal computer tower

"Snakes on a plane. We all know how that ended."

6. Butcher knife hidden in a baby carrier

"Dear Chucky, please come back to the checkpoint. You forgot your baby carrier."

5. Simulated dynamite strapped to a clock radio

4. Hand grenades painted as tuxedos

3. Giant oversized scissors

2. Vintage mortar shell

1. Freddy Krueger glove from the "Nightmare on Elm Street"

"It's safe to sleep on Elm Street again."

The TSA also revealed it confiscated 4,239 guns from carry-on bags in 2018, which is a seven percent increase from 2017.

Officers detected the guns at 249 airports.
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