Burger King offers free cheeseburgers to terminally ill dog

ByKaylee Merchak via WTVD logo
Friday, July 20, 2018

Toledo, Ohio (WTVD) -- Twitter is buzzing after learning that Burger King offered free cheeseburgers to boxer-lab mix who is battling cancer.

In May, Cody was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors told his family that he only had about one to three months left to live, depending on how fast his cancer spread.

Heartbroken by the news, Cody's family decided to make the last part of his life the best they could - even if they meant giving him a cheesy treat.

"Everyday since we found out, we've gotten him a plain cheeseburger to eat with his many medications to make it easier and more enjoyable for him," Alec Karcher said in a tweet.

And employees took notice of the daily repeat customers.

But when the Karchers went to pick up Cody's burger on July 15, the cashier couldn't hold back her curiosity any longer, asking them why they were getting a plain cheeseburger.

The family explained Cody's diagnosis and the staffer returned several minutes later with the burger and a sweet offer - free cheeseburgers for Cody.

"I can't explain how much that means to us, and my family and I are beyond appreciative," his tweet read. "S/o to the employees at Burger King on Alexis Rd in Toledo, OH for being the best around."

Karcher tweeted about the simple gesture and it went viral.

The burger conglomerate tweeted back saying, "the world needs more kindness and empathy. thank you for giving us the chance to do this for Cody."