Over 150 UNC fans wait just to see their team at 'Topo'

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Monday, April 4, 2016
Over 150 UNC fans wait just to see their team at 'Top
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Over 150 UNC fans wait outside Top of the Hill

CHAPEL HILL (WTVD) -- These are some serious UNC fans, willing to brave chilly overnight weather for championship game vantage points - inside Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery in downtown Chapel Hill.

More than 150 people lined up long before sunup, which doesn't surprise Top of the Hill's general manager. He's used to crowds for big Carolina games.

"We expected that we would have something," Guy Murphy said. "People started lining up around 10:15, 10:30 last night."

People like UNC seniors Jessica Hennen and Rina Heyder were at the head of the line after sitting for hours in the cold.

"Pretty much just like, talking and sleeping as much as we could," Heyder said.

"We brought our computers but we didn't actually do any homework," Hennen added.

School spirit motivates most Carolina fans, whose celebration filled Franklin Street after the Tar Heels beat Syracuse on Saturday.

But is easier access to the action Outside Top of the Hill worth enduring the wait?

"I think so, yeah," Heyder said. "To have a seat, to be able to watch the game with everyone, and be this close to Franklin? I think it was definitely worth it!"

While they waited, the town's public works crews removed pedestrian signals and anything giddy fans might use to climb poles if Carolina wins. And police have hundreds of officers scheduled to keep an eye on downtown.

Top of the Hill is also prepping - they brought in more supplies after the Tar Heels beat Syracuse Saturday, in an attempt to serve every fan who shows up there for the big game.

"That's hard to gauge," Murphy said. "Quite a bit more! .. We're ready, we're ready! We're excited."

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