Show me the money! ABC11 is connecting you with your unclaimed cash

ByDiane Wilson and Catherine Chestnutt WTVD logo
Friday, October 27, 2017
ABC11 viewers finding unclaimed money
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Lots of ABC11 viewers are finding unclaimed money they're owed thanks to the Troubleshooter. How about you?

Money, money, money! Thanks to our story on the millions of dollars in unclaimed funds, we reunited people with hundreds of thousands of dollars.


We're hearing from lots of viewers on Facebook that they've been able to find some cash. Some have several claims in their name, like Angie, who had eight claims for more than $50! Other viewers have found hundreds of dollars not only for themselves, but for relatives as well.

As you look to see whether you have any unclaimed funds, here are some tips and tricks:

  • Make sure that you use the NC Treasurer's website to check to see if you have any unclaimed money. Do not use any site that tries to charge you to process your claim.
  • If you need any help getting connected to your money, call the Treasurer's office: (800) 582-0615
  • Check your married name and your maiden name
  • Search the city you currently live in, but also ones you have lived in
  • You can search for your relatives, neighbors, and friends and let them know if they have cash
  • The NC Treasury has the steps listed that you need to follow to access your unclaimed cash