'United We Stand': White House to hold summit to address hate-fueled violence

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Monday, August 22, 2022
NCCU law analyst: 'Replacement theory' driving increased hate crimes
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The U.S. Justice Department released data showing increased hate crimes in North Carolina.

President Biden is planning to host a summit on what the White House is calling "hate-fueled violence." According to a news release from the White House, the one-day event will be headlined as the United We Stand Summit. It will be held at the White House on Thursday, September 15.

President Biden said the mission is "to counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety, highlight the response of the Biden-Harris Administration and communities nationwide to these dangers, and put forward a shared, bipartisan vision for a more united America."

The summit comes as Biden works to deliver on a campaign promise to "heal the soul of the nation."

Biden will deliver a keynote speech at the gathering. Those expected to attend include civil rights groups, faith leaders, business executives, law enforcement, gun violence prevention advocates, former members of violent hate groups, the victims of extremist violence and cultural figures. The White House emphasized that it also intends to bring together Democrats and Republicans, as well as political leaders on the federal, state and local levels to unite against hate-motivated violence. The White House did not share the lineup of speakers or participants, saying it would come closer to the event.

The White House is also calling on people across the country to nominate a "Uniter" in their community. "Uniters are bipartisan faith leaders and teachers, police officers and mayors, civic leaders and volunteers, and everyday members of our communities who are working to bring communities together," the news release states. "Many of these Uniters are themselves survivors of hate-fueled violence who have turned their pain into purpose."

Nominations should be submitted by September 1st, 2022 to UnitedWeStand@who.eop.gov with specific details and information on the nominee. The White House plans to recognize them for their work.

Just this week, ABC11 talked to a Rabbi after antisemitic fliers were found in a Raleigh neighborhood that has a significant Jewish population.


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