UPDATE: DA says no prosecution of Raleigh officers after man's death in police custody

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) -- Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman said that no criminal charges will be filed against Raleigh police officers following the death of Curtis Mangum after his arrest.

The full autopsy just released Tuesday said that Mangum swallowed a bag of drugs before his arrest and died of cocaine and alcohol intoxication.

Curtis Roemon Mangum was one of several men pulled over in a southeast Raleigh traffic stop on January 10.

RPD thought there were drugs in the car, and a few hours later, Mangum was dead. His family has been demanding answers about what happened.

The autopsy showed Mangum had alcohol and cocaine in his system, and a plastic baggie was found in his stomach.

The coroner ruled his death an accident - from acute cocaine and alcohol intoxication.

A video from Mangum's arrest showed him handcuffed, sitting on the side of the road. The autopsy revealed Mangum was pulled out through the car window during his arrest.

Paramedics were called and they found Mangum was conscious, alert and breathing normally.

This surveillance image shows Curtis Mangum being helped to a waiting stretcher for treatment.

Mangum told the paramedics he was intoxicated and didn't want to go to the hospital. But Raleigh Police told EMS they thought he'd swallowed cocaine.

The report stated that when Mangum got to the hospital, he suffered a seizure and was combative with doctors and nurses before going into cardiac arrest.

He died after 32 minutes of CPR.

The coroner noted that Mangum had a knotted piece of clear plastic in his stomach - and wrote that it appears he swallowed drugs.

The autopsy also noted that Mangum didn't have any pre-existing conditions or other injuries that may have contributed to his death.
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