6-year-old befriends UPS driver who brought her life-saving medications

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

JASPER COUNTY, Texas -- A Texas girl said she plans on becoming a UPS driver when she grows up, and it's all thanks to a very special bond with her UPS lady.

Parson Blue Herrington's family said her love for UPS drivers is real, and it all started when the drivers began delivering books for a book drive the family created to give back to Texas Children's Hospital.

Parson's mother said her 6-year-old believed most UPS drivers were men, that was until she met Tammy Patrick.

"One day she met me and she wanted to be a UPS driver like me," Patrick told KTRE. "So, that's how Parson and I started talking and becoming friends."

Parson and Patrick quickly developed a bond and became friends; some would say even best friends.

"She stole my heart," Patrick said. "This little girl came into this world struggling for every breath just to stay alive. And she's a big fighter. And I believe she will go far in life no matter what she wants."

Parson was born with a rare genetic disorder that did not allow her to breathe on her own. But when she was 11-months-old, she was given a new set of lungs from a donor which saved and changed her life.

And when Parson was back in the hospital a few months ago for another round of testing, her new friend was there encouraging her along the way.

"I knew she was going and I had a next day air package, some medicine, so on way down here I was just thinking how can I encourage this kid you know," Patrick said. "It's hard. I can't imagine being a little kid and going into a hospital like that."