Snow angel Instagram photo shoot shows couple's love

For one Louisiana woman, love is not defined by flowers, diamonds, or poems; it's defined by picture-perfect patience.

An adorable boomerang video of Libby Burkhalter making snow angels on her living room carpet may look fairly simple.

But, as any so-called 'Instagram husband' can tell you, most of those "plandids" or planned candids take a lot of work.

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The man on the other side of the camera was Libby's exceptionally tolerant husband who not only stood on the coffee table, he moved all the furniture!

The couple's son, Taylor, tweeted out the photos over the weekend saying, "I've learned more about love from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room so my mom can make snow angel boomerangs for her 29 Instagram followers than anything else in life."

By the way, thanks to Taylor's viral post, mom, Libby, now has more than 12,000 Instagram followers.
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