Tommy Hilfiger introduces trackable clothing

Tommy Hilfiger is attempting to cash in on the age of Instagram influencers.

It may look like a normal sweatshirt, but it's more of a tracksuit -- as in, it's actually tracking you.

The clothing and accessories in Tommy Jeans Xplore line all come equipped with embedded Bluetooth smart chips.

Those tags connect with a companion iOS app that tracks when the user is wearing an item and where.

Each time the consumer wears something from the line they collect points.

People can also get points by collecting so-called "Tommy Hearts" on a map, similar to Pokemon Go.

Those points can then be exchanged for rewards which include everything from fashion show tickets to gift cards.

The company says it hopes to create a micro-community of brand ambassadors.

But some critics say bribing young people to give up personal data is anything but cool.
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