Some North Carolinians donate stimulus checks to U.S. Veterans Corps for food drive

Raleigh-based nonprofit, U.S. Veterans Corps issued a call to action on social media pages asking for unexpired food donations as the need for the organization's food pantry increases following the holidays.

Not only did people begin dropping off food donations, but, several also donated their entire stimulus checks to the organization to help them purchase food.

"People are donating their stimulus money and that is just an unbelievable surprise that we've had people saying, 'hey you know the $600 and $1,200?'" said US Veterans Corps Deputy Director Jennifer Woods.

"There are many people that have qualified for it, but, some people who are in that income bracket really don't need it, and they wanted to give back to those who really do, so, we've actually been getting people to donate. We're going to use it to buy some fresh meat and some produce, things that won't sit on the shelves," Woods said.

The U.S. Veterans Corps supports veterans and their families through military bases and working with the VA as well as other military outlets.
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