Vietnam vet finally gets new truck thanks to lottery win

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017
David Brantley
David Brantley

HENDERSON, North Carolina (WTVD) -- Vietnam veteran David Brantley of Henderson has never owned a new car. Thanks to a big scratch-off win, that's about to change.

"In 68 years I've had cars, but I've never had a new car," Brantley said. "Wiley David Brantley is going to get a brand-new Ford pickup truck."

Brantley was in Raleigh on Monday to pick up a big check for $750,000.

Brantley said his Saturday started as a "cloudy, miserable" day. But after a stop for gas and two Jumbo Bucks tickets at the Minute Shoppe on N.C. 39, the gloomy weather didn't matter much at all when he scratched off the first ticket and saw how much he won.

"$750,000!" he exclaimed. "I haven't won $750,000! That doesn't happen to me!"

Brantley, a North Carolina native, said his after-tax winnings of $521,016 will make it possible for him to buy a house with a garage for his new truck, and to share with his four grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

With Brantley's win, two top prizes of $750,000 remain to be claimed in the Jumbo Bucks game.

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