Dad's video tribute to graduating daughter goes viral

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Sunday, June 11, 2017
Mackenzie on her first day of 1st grade (left), her first day of 12th grade (right)
Mackenzie on her first day of 1st grade (left), her first day of 12th grade (right)
images-Images courtesy of Kevin Scruggs

WASHINGTON (WTVD) -- As any parent knows, kids grow up way too fast! And after you figure out that you can't keep them young forever, you move on and try to make time stand still with memories.

Well, that's what one father in Washington did. Kevin Scruggs spent the last 12 years interviewing his daughter, Mackenzie.

Every year on her first day of school, he would sit down with her and ask her what she was most looking forward to that year.

It was a tradition they upheld since Mackenzie was in first grade.

The video marks important miles stones for the now graduate, like her making friends, joining student council, and graduating.

And each year she had something new to look forward to.

In 6th grade, she was excited to eat in class and in 10th grade it was boys.

"What were you doing today," Scruggs asked his daughter during her 10th grade interview. "Looking for cute boys," Mackenzie whispered.

But the sweetest moment is that each interview ended with this exchange: "I love you," Scruggs would say. "I love you too," Mackenzie would answer.

Scruggs compiled all of the clips and edited them together, expressing his congratulations to his daughter for graduating high school.

The video was posted to YouTube on June 10, and has been viewed over 490,000 times.

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