Violent videos surface after Apex man charged with dealing drugs

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Friday, November 3, 2017
Violent videos surface after Apex man charged with dealing drugs
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Violent videos surface after Apex man charged with dealing drugs

WAKE COUNTY (WTVD) -- A drug investigation has led to the discovery of violent videos posted on the Twitter account of a Wake County man.

In a search warrant made public Thursday, Apex police claim an informant told them 20-year-old Mark Crider was dealing marijuana out of his home on Hughes Street.

Investigators said the informant also said there was a break-in at the house and cocaine was stolen from Crider.

The tipster said Crider was beating up associates of those he believed had stolen the cocaine and that the beatings were recorded and posted on social media.

On Thursday, ABC11 found those videos on Crider's Twitter account; police confirmed that the aggressor in the videos is indeed Crider.

Warning: These videos may contain graphic language

ABC11 was able to identify one of the developments where an assault took place as the Villages of Apex.

Residents said one of the victims appears to be a young man who lives in the neighborhood.

Resident Charlene Carbone didn't know the victim, but after watching the video said, " This is disgusting is what it is. It's absolutely astounding. I'm astonished that this happened in this neighborhood here in Apex. It's a very quiet, very communal neighborhood, and I'm just astounded that this behavior is going on in this community."

Carbone said she was pleased to hear that police are trying to identify not only the victims in the videos but others besides Crider who are shown throwing punches.

Apex police Captain Ann Stephens told ABC 11, "It's troubling that somebody thinks that that is okay to do, that it's okay to advertise it. That's it's okay to even be involved in an assault, but yet, to advertise it to thousands of people across a social media network is just upsetting."

Carbone is cheering on investigators, saying she hopes they identify and charge everyone involved in delivering the beatings.

"Go Apex police," she said. "We need to go ahead and definitely follow through on these allegations and investigate. Absolutely, you know, keep us safe!"

Crider is still in jail on a $10,000 bond for the drug charges.