Virginia church mourns death of admired Bishop from coronavirus complications

CHESTERFIELD, VA. (WTVD) -- On Easter Sunday, members of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Chesterfield, Va. learned about Bishop Gerald Glenn dying from COVID-19 complications.

Glenn, a mentor to many, died Saturday night. Friends said they drew inspiration and guidance from Glenn.

"The last thing he said was 'I love you son' and 'take care of my daughter,'" said Joe Ellison Jr., a pastor at the church and mentee of Glenn. "He was talking about my wife, love your family, take care of my daughter and I'll see you soon, not knowing that would be the last time that I would talk to him," Ellison told WTVR.

"Even back then, I saw the calling of a bishop on his life because he was a pastor to other pastors. And that's what made Bishop Glenn so unique. He made me realize that I could be an outstanding pastor, outstanding husband, an outstanding father, most importantly an outstanding leader."

Family members say Glenn's wife also contracted COVID-19 and is in recovery. Her daughter and son-in-law are also in the hospital, according to church officials.

Mar-Gerie Crawley, the couple's daughter, said last Sunday that family members noticed their parents were having health issues and started searching for ways to treat their symptoms at home. She said his health worsened after about a week.

"Saints, don't stop praying," Elder Bryan Nevers said to churchgoers. "Our Bishop has always told us, as they wheeled him into the operating room, he will proclaim that God is still a healer. We now have a duty to embrace one another in the love of Jesus."
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