Wake County prepares for NC State Fair

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Food safety and game fairness preparations for the NC State Fair were underway Wednesday.

The Wake County Sheriff's Department inspected fair games Wednesday afternoon to make sure that anyone who plays has a fair chance at winning a prize if they earn one.

Wake County Food Safety and Sanitation inspected dozens of food vendors set to feed the masses Thursday.

Wake County special permits coordinator Laura Lerch said inspectors are checking for employee hygiene, ingredients coming from approved sources, equipment cleanliness and soundness, and food storage.

Inspectors are testing sanitizers for appropriate chemical levels. They are also making sure that clean water lines and waste water lines are set up correctly.

Lerch said checking to make sure clean water is flowing in and not backing up is a huge part of prepping, because they're also protecting city water in the process.

She said inspectors have a lot of work ahead of them, as they expect to have over 140 vendors at the fair.

"We've done about 35 so far this week and we'll get the majority of them done today," Lerch said. "And we'll have a couple of stragglers tomorrow that will be permitted as well."

Lerch said Wake County also plans to have two inspectors conducting random inspections for food safety and proper temperatures throughout the fair.

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