Wakefield HS fight caught on video outrages parents

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017
Bathroom fight video sends shockwaves through Wakefield HS
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Parents are upset after a video was posted showing a fight at Wakefield High School.

RALEIGH, North Carolina (WTVD) -- A Tuesday fight involving two students at Wakefield High School has upset many parents, including the victim's father.

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The video shows one student beating up another student in the boy's restroom. The fight stemmed from a Monday dispute between the victim and a girl during school hours.

"That's not right. Bottom line," said Michael Kiernan, who viewed the video. "How is that a success for him, the guy who did it? Knucklehead! And the guy who took it, people who stood around and took the video, they're also culpable. I can't get my head around that part of it."

The victim's father admits to a "back and forth" between his son and the female student. She then allegedly told her boyfriend who later asked to speak with the victim in the boys' restroom. Shortly after entering the bathroom, the fight ensued while other students stood around to watch and film.

The victim, according to his father, suffered a concussion and other injuries and was taken to the hospital. He returned to school Wednesday but asked to leave early after not feeling well.

"Things happen in school, but nothing like that," Kiernan said.

ABC11 reached out to Wake County Public School System and it sent the following response:

"At 10:40 a.m. yesterday two male students entered the men's bathroom to engage in a dispute over a female student. School administration are currently investigating the altercation to determine violations of school board policy. The fight, despite rumors on social media, is not gang-related."

The victim's father told ABC11 the student who beat up his son was charged with misdemeanor assault.