After 3 month wait, Troubleshooter gets stove installed

ByDiane Wilson & Selina Guevara via WTVD logo
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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After 3 month wait, Troubleshooter gets stove installed

Imagine living with a brand new stove sitting in the middle of your kitchen for three months, despite paying for it to be installed. That's what happened to Christopher Parker.

Christopher bought a new stove, refrigerator, and television from Best Buy in February, and paid the installation fee up front.

Three weeks after he purchased it, Best Buy delivered the appliances and TV to his house. While the TV and refrigerator were installed, he was told someone else would come back to install it the stove.

But that didn't happen quickly, "They've given me several installation dates, and I've taken time out of my schedule, and they just haven't shown up," he told me.

Fed up with the lack of service, Chris got the Troubleshooter involved.

"I try to be as polite as possible, but it's just gotten to the point where I feel I need to reach out to someone who can help me out."

After the Troubleshooter contacted Best Buy, it still took some time, but Best Buy eventually installed Christopher's stove and gave him $350 for his troubles.

Best Buy also provided us with this statement:

"Mr. Parker's customer experience was unacceptable, and we appreciate his patience as we worked to make things right."Christopher said he's glad they finally worked it out. He added, "If I hadn't called you, they would have just never thought any more about me."