Arkansas couple says seat belts saved their lives after tornado knocks their car off road

ARKANSAS (WTVD) -- An Arkansas couple is crediting their seat belts for saving their lives after a run-in with a tornado Friday.

Savannah Boerjan and her husband Brandon said they were driving home with their newly purchased camper van when they saw the tornado touch down.

"Speed up, get the f*** out of here," Savannah can be heard saying in a video. "Brandon, Brandon, I'm scared."

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The couple continued to drive down the road but the tornado grew closer.

"It's right there, oh my God. Dear God, heaven please forgive me for my sins. Brandon, we're going to die. I love you, I love yo....," Savannah yelled before the twister hit their car, cracking their windshield and blowing debris inside.

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Luckily, the couple sustained minor injuries.

Savannah posted pictures of the incident on her Facebook page saying, "We are okay! My shoulder is a little sore but nothing seems to be seriously injured. Brandon Boerjan honestly doesn't have a scratch today, just some soreness ... "Seatbelts helped save our lives. We wouldn't be here if we weren't wearing them ... All glory to God!"

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