North Carolina town threatens 80-year-old widow with fine for tall grass

Saturday, May 6, 2017

WAXHAW, North Carolina -- An 80-year-old North Carolina widow was issued a warning from the town's code enforcement division because of the length of her lawn grass, according to WSOC.

The woman was handed a pamphlet which stated that she has less than a week to mow her lawn or she would have to pay a hefty fine of $250.

The woman has a pacemaker and has difficulty hearing, according to her daughter, Sue Smuda.

The Town of Waxhaw, south of Charlotte, has an ordinance that bans grass than is taller than 12 inches.

Smuda said that they had planned to get the grass cut the previous week, but they had to leave the state due to an emergency.

An engineer in the town's code of enforcement told reporters that if the grass is not cut, the 80-year-old woman would be fined.

The engineer also told reporters that residents who are not capable of doing the work can partner up with church groups that provide the service.

Smuda says she will cut the grass over the weekend and also says that the town has caused unnecessary stress in her family's life.

Read more from WSOC here.

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