3 women caught in thunderstorm while in Cape Fear River

LILLINGTON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Three women, including one pregnant woman, were floating in the Cape Fear River when they saw storm clouds looming overhead.

The women went tubing on the water Saturday, but decided to get out when they saw the storm approaching.

Cape Fear River Adventure's owner, Ilia Smirnov, said the women got back in the water when they believed the storm had passed.

Once out in the water, the pregnant woman and her sister saw lightning and reported feeling a "shock." It is not clear whether or not the shock was from the lightning.

The third woman did not report feeling a shock. The pregnant woman, who has not yet been identified, said she felt back pain after the shock, according to Smirnov.

Smirnov told our crew on the scene the women called 911 and went to the hospital.

Smirnov confirmed the pregnant woman was released from the hospital and is doing okay.

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