T-Storms Possible Today & Tomorrow

A front sagging southward in the Carolinas will be a catalyst for a couple of widely scattered showers and even a thunderstorm this afternoon.

Early this morning, the regional radar mosaic is fairly quiet in areas near the Triangle. However, some of the heavier showers have popped up across southeastern Virginia, and these will continue to press to the south and east as the day wears on.

The interaction between the strong April sun and some colder air aloft will aid in triggering some of the showers and isolated thunderstorms we are expecting in Central North Carolina later today, in addition to the weak front we alluded to earlier. Nonetheless, most temperatures later today will have no trouble climbing well into the 70s.

This front is expected to stall over South Carolina and the Tennessee Valley later tonight and tomorrow, and it will trigger just one or two showers in the southern Appalachians tonight and tomorrow. In the Triangle, there will be some sunshine tomorrow. In fact, there should be enough to bolster most temperatures to within a few degrees of 80.

A strong cold front will be plunging into the northern Plains and western Great Lakes during midweek. Meanwhile, high pressure will provide the Carolinas and most of the Southeast with a dry, warm day.
That cold front will sweep across North Carolina on Thursday, bringing with it the possibility of a shower or gusty thunderstorm.

Then, sun returns on Friday, but it will also be a bit cooler.

The upcoming Easter holiday weekend will get off to a dry start in the Triangle. However, as some very unsettled weather in Texas and along the Gulf coast begins to shift to the east on Saturday night and Easter Sunday, we will have to be on the lookout for some potentially volatile weather in the Southeast by the end of the weekend.

Have a good week!


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