Despite the drought, pumpkins are plentiful

October is almost here and that means it is time to prepare for Halloween. Pumpkin patches are now opening across the state, and it is prime pumpkin picking season at the State Farmers Market.

Pumpkin growers are already on-site selling this year's crop. Despite the drought, pumpkins are plentiful this year.

On Wednesday, we spoke to Danny Page from Page Farm in Raleigh. He says they were able to water the vine and establish a good crop. Page Farm will open their pumpkin patch for picking on Sept. 26.

Bynum's Greenhouse and Pumpkin Farm is one of the stands selling pumpkins this year at the Farmers Market. They have much more than your typical jack-o-lantern style pumpkin. There, you can find white and green pumpkins and hybrids of many types. They sell both long stem and short stem pumpkins.

Tara Bynum, a pumpkin farmer, says they were able to produce a beautiful crop by irrigating water and fertilizing the vines. She says this year's crop is exceptional.

"We are very pleased with this year's crop. We think that this year, in spite of the drought and obstacles of farming, we are very pleased with this year's crop in comparison to year's past," Bynum said.

Bynum's stand will be open through Halloween, so even procrastinators will be able to find something to carve.

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