DOT warns of black-ice threat on Sandhills roads

FAYETTEVILLE (WTVD) -- There was a fair amount of rain, freezing rain and sleet earlier Friday in the Sandhills, and it came and went fairly quickly.

By late Friday afternoon, it was out of here. It caused several accidents but not much of an overall impact on Cumberland County streets and roads, including I-95. But the DOT warns we are not in the clear yet.

Late Friday night, 19 DOT trucks in Fayetteville hit the roads again, laying down the sand and salt mix on bridges, overpasses and intersections in the area.

Any standing water left over from Friday's rain mix will refreeze overnight into black ice. And that threat could linger till Monday.

Bill Hammond and his crew at the DOT said they will be on alert through the weekend, and he said motorists should be on the alert for any black ice, as well.

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