Rain Chance Thursday

An area of low pressure along the coast will spark a round of scattered showers throughout the evening. The rain will taper off late tonight. Thanks to the clouds rolling in and rain getting underway, it will remain chilly for March with highs in the upper 40s to the low 50s. This isn't the way we hope to start spring with a day looking and feeling like the coldest part of the year as highs in the low 50s are typical for January.

As the storm pulls away to the north along the coast tomorrow, the cold front to the west will move in. The developing storm will rob most of its moisture, so we don't expect to see much in the way of rain as it moves through tomorrow afternoon and evening. On the other hand, don't expect to see much in the way of sun, either.

The storm pulling away will strengthen quite a bit as it pushes up the coast and that will be a big-ticket item for the folks up north. The interior of New England and parts of New York will have heavy snow with heavy rain along the coast. Thanks to this intensification, our winds pick up tomorrow night and it will remain fairly windy through Friday. These gusty winds will drive chillier air south, but the air will have to flow over the mountains. As air down slopes on our side of the mountains, it dries out and warms up some. So, we expect to see a good bit of sun and temperatures topping out near 60.

We will feel the chilly air Friday night through Saturday night as high pressure of polar origin settles into this part of the nation. We remain quiet this weekend as the high slides through and then over the Atlantic by Sunday. At least the sun will be out Saturday and there won't be much wind, but once again we barely get out of the 50s. Friday night and Saturday night are looking cold for early spring, falling into the 30s. Frost is likely both of those nights and some areas will have a freeze, especially Saturday night.

As the high pulls away to the east on Sunday, we warm up and see more typical early spring temperatures with highs in the middle to upper 60s. Monday looks even warmer thanks to southwesterly winds ahead of the next cold front. We could get into the 70s! However, it looks as though we return to cooler and wet weather for a day or two after that.
Have a great evening!

Brittany Bell

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