Franklin County residents pick up the pieces after Wednesday's storm

FRANKLIN COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- People in Franklin County are still cleaning up after strong winds, rain, and hail ripped through their homes Wednesday night.

"Came right through the ceiling," said Carey Long, holding golf ball sized hail in his hand that he saved. "Just a bunch of baseballs smacking the roof."

Hail also pelted the side of his home and actually ripped through the siding right through to the insulation. He's now faced with repairing his home and his cars.

"Every car, but two windshields were busted, all the dashes, the interior, everything is ruined," said Long.

Several homes in the Orchard Hills subdivision in Louisburg are boarded up or are draped in tarps. Many have holes in the siding and through windows.

"It's going to be a long process of cleaning up," said Kevin Bean, who lives next door to Long. He has two brand new pick-up trucks he bought just last week. They're now badly damaged and covered in dents.

Stories like these repeat through Louisburg as people wait for those insurance claims so they can fix their homes and put Wednesday's storm behind them.

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