Make your own ABC11 Breaking News 1 out of paper

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Make your own ABC11 Breaking News 1 vehicle out of paper.

Download the pieces:


1) Print on heavy (card stock) paper.

2) Score all fold lines, pre-fold all folds, and pre-bend all bends before gluing. Use common white glue, spread thinly, pinch and hold until it sticks.

3) Cut out parts. It is helpful to use a hobby knife and cutting mat for the small parts.

4) Starting at the back of the body, begin to glue the tabs onto the front windshield. Build hood. Attach hood to body. Attach the grille to front.

5) Build chassis and wheels. Attach wheels to chassis.

6) Attach chassis to body. Use alignment arrows.

7) Cut out and build bumpers. Attach bumpers to body.

8) Build and attach roof rack and off road lights

9) Cut out at and attach mirrors and spare tire.

10) With a matching-color marker, color the fold and cut lines for better appearance.

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