Sunshine Returns

Following the passage of a cold front through the Tar Heel State, clouds continue to shift eastward.

At the time of this writing, the Raleigh area looks to be right along the dividing line between clear skies and mostly cloudy conditions. As the morning goes on, clouds will quickly move eastward, leaving behind sunny skies for the rest of the day.

High temperatures for both today and tomorrow will be somewhat above average, however somewhat lower than temperatures from last week. Additionally, skies are clear after the morning as moisture aloft will be reasonably low.

Tomorrow night will begin to have rain slip into the area as a cold front drives its way to the east. Rain could start off light, staying primarily to the south and west. As the night goes on and the front approaches, rain could become somewhat heavier across the area. The heaviest rain is expected to stay to the north in Virginia or off the coast.

Rain will continue through Wednesday into early Wednesday night.

By morning on Thursday, skies clear as the front will have drifted east into the Atlantic. High pressure will quickly fill in behind the front, leaving clear skies and substantially lower temperatures. Overnight lows fall into the low 40s. As a result, spotty areas of frost could occur overnight. This pattern of clear skies and cooler air will continue to be the case through Saturday, bringing a dry, fall-like start to the weekend.

While the weather will remain dry through Sunday, a front building to the west of the region in the Ohio Valley will begin to steer winds to a more southerly direction. This will drag warmer, more moist air into the region, bringing with it higher temperatures and cloud cover for Sunday and Monday. Rain associated with this front arrives late Monday.

Have a good Monday!


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