Roxboro woman stuck in ditch touched by strangers' help

OXFORD, NC (WTVD) -- Among the many stranded drivers Wednesday was Sierra Bowes of Roxboro, who went to work in Oxford before the snow began.

And when it started coming down, the panic set in.

"They were telling everybody to go ahead and go home because it's getting really bad," Bowes said.

So bad, in fact, that Bowes ended up in a ditch.

I was coming straight through here and there was a truck in front of me that spun in a circle, and I kind of just let off the brake and it just slid off into the grass," she said.

When an ABC11 crew pulled up, a pickup driver and several of his friends had stopped to help.

They quickly attached a strap to Bowes' SUV and took just a few seconds to get her vehicle out of the ditch.

Bowes was touched by their act of kindness.

"I find it amazing that people are so willing to help," she said, wiping back a tear. "He was like the seventh person that stopped to ask if I was OK."

There were thanks and hugs. Then Bowes had a parting message for all the people out on the roads.

"I pray that everybody gets home safe today," she said, "because it's getting pretty bad."
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